Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Notes from the Future!

Here is our first quick post! We made it to Zhuhai for our TEFL training and Chinese lessons! Getting here was pretty rough, and we don't have the best way to communicate, but soon we will be posted at the places we will finally be living and communication should pick up from there.

We are staying at the semi-luxurious Sea-View Hotel. (Which does suprisingly offer a view of the sea, just not any of the views pictured in its totally fake website http://www.zhsvh.com/)

Our city is amazingly beautiful and completely defies any stereotypes against chinese cities.
It is big, open, fresh, green, and friendly!

Got tons of really great pictures already of the beautiful sites, and even more pictures of the bizarre products (See "Pokari Sweat!" or "Asparagus Juice" or "Blueberry Potato Chip!"). I might have to make an entirely different blog just for the products they offer here.

Don't know when the next time i will be available, gotta get back to class and being pointed at when i walk down the street (Once again i am the only one in the country with body hair and am applauded anytime i take my shirt off at the beach!).

Kitty and I are having an awesome time!

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