Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thailand is fun!

So we got into Bangkok fine, and our wonderful couchsurfing/hostel owner hosts picked us up at 3:30 AM. Their place is really cool, plus it only costs the two of us 100 Baht (~$3) a night to stay there. We're heading out of Bangkok today, but we'll be back to their place toward the end of our trip. Here's a pic of a cool mural they've painted:

We visited some of Bangkok's wats, which are Buddhist temples. They were totally amazing! Here's the Golden Palace, in the compound where Thailand's beloved king lives:
I love these awesome protector demons they have everywhere in the palace:
At Wat Pho, they have the world's largest reclining Buddha. It's hard to believe that this huge statue is actually covered in gold, but it is.
Here I am at its feet:

The food is great so far! We even sort of had crab rangoon, which definitely doesn't exist in China, just like most other dishes you can order at Chinese restaurants in America. More updates to come!

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Linda said...

yay thailand! The reclining buddah looks so kool! I reallllly want to go one day, so I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories! Have funnnnnnnn! Please find elephants and take lots of pictures!!!!