Sunday, March 1, 2009


Maybe this just goes to show how boring our post-vacation life seems, but I'm really excited that we finally decided to buy a blender. The model is cool enough that I think we'll take it back to America. In addition to the blender, it's got a coffee grinder and a soy milk maker. Also, making soy milk produces a weird mountain of soy junk called okara, which to our delight can be gently coaxed into tasting a lot like hummus or even falafel with the right ingredients.

We're heading back up the mountain today, and I hope to actually go the distance this time, so maybe we'll have some slightly more entertaining stories from that.


Linda said...

I love homemade soymilk! I didn't know that the byproduct had a mom always just threw it away since it was void of much nutrients. Miss you guys!

Kate said...

I love blenders! And I never even thought about making soymilk, I'll have to try it. Tebben wants to make homemade horchata as soon as we get back to our blender in Indiana, we don't have one in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like Blender too. He was a really cool robot on Futurama!