Friday, May 29, 2009

Whoo! New Camera!

Yes it was quite tragic that my good old camera just got stolen, only days after repairing it, but as my dad points out, "Good thing [I] live in the part of the world where these kinds of electronics are cheaply and abundantly available."

So i got the upgraded version of my old camera, even more water and shock proof. ?ui=2&view=att&th=1218ab6acc8495f7&attid=0.1&disp=attd&realattid=ii_1218ab6acc8495f7&zw

Unfortunately, China is blocking blogger, so it's hard to get any of the new photos to upload.

Hopefully the ban will be up soon and I can show off. Other than that, it has been kinda rainy here, giving kitty a chance to sport her awesome, Skulls and Roses rainboots around town.

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