Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Re: welcome back

Our flight went awesome! Started out with we each had 4 bags (2 of which were terribly overweight) 2 backpacks, a purse and a carry-on, but one of our teachers drove us all the way to the Futian Border crossing where there were people to meet and greet and carry our luggage for us all the way to the HK airport. Then, because the HK airport is so nice, they had free big luggage carts which made our luggage a breeze. At check-in we got the nicest guy in the world who drew us a little map and sped us through the whole process and only at the end did he say, "Now sir, i want you to know that your bag IS pretty overweight, so maybe next time try to make sure that it isn't too heavy, okay? Thanks a lot!"
Our only worry was coming back through the Chicago airport, but once again they had free carts and customs didn't check our luggage at all!
When we got back, Mom and Doug greeted us with big open arms and more importantly NACHOS GALORE!
So far it has been awesome!

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Tom said...

hey guys! welcome back. gimme a call