Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's get this wedding thing figured out!

Lisa (kitty's sister)'s wedding was great!
So we are also going to get married, so it is time to figure out a time, and start getting things arranged (what a crappy sentence). Haven't done this before, but i guess the first thing is to set a place and date.

The place will probably be around St. Louis, since 80 percent of my family is right there (sorry kitty's side)

So i get done with class on the 7th of May, and will probably have to start working at some internship for a majority of the summer.

So right now we are thinking of having it over a couple of days some time in early to mid August. Right now aiming at
August 14th-15th.

I think it would be cool to have some part in the City museum, but they make you use their caterers and there are a lot of them. So if people who are bored want to look through and find the cheap and awesome place let us know your pics! Also the city museum has some packages from 1000-4000 dollars just to have the thing there. Is that exorbitant?

Tentatively i think it would be cool to hit up both the Zoo and the city museum. Maybe have some time in Forrest park too!

but i also require lots and lots of fireworks at some point of the whole wedding party, which people at all of the aforementioned places will probably frown on thousand of fireworks.

Comments? Ideas?


Linda said...

I haven't checked this blog in soo long! you guys look sooooo nice in that picture! So does lisa!!!

Having part of your wedding at the city museum is such a kool idea! I'm sure it'll be a fun event no matter where it is!

Michelle said...

Hey, I wanted to do a reception at the city museum!! I saw one there and it looked pretty nice. I also know some people that got married at the zoo. I think these are both cool options, although at the zoo you run the risk of it smelling bad.

I think in general all wedding things cost at least twice as much as you'd expect, no matter where you go.

Katie Grafelman said...


City museum sounds awesome, and probably worth the money. But to give you some perspective, we rented the entire second floor of the Illini Student Union for the whole day for $100 bucks. (Not including the food, booze, decorations)

I saw a zoo wedding on TV, and the zoo had a penguin and hedgehog come visit the reception!

W had my cousin be our "minister" and I'm so happy we had someone we know do it rather than some holy stranger, I highly recommend doing that.

I don't know if I already asked for it, but can you guys send me your mailing address?

My word verification is "moopudly" I think that should be Turbo's brother's name.