Monday, June 15, 2009

Chinese Yard Sale


Like every time I move someplace, I have to first say goodbye to my loads of cherished, useless crap. I figured what better way to do it, than introduce the good old american concept of a yard sale to the comrades.


I drug a huge suitcase full of stuff, two bicycles, a guitar, a kite, and a ripstick downtown and set up shop on the corner.
At first they were pretty weirded out, but once they noticed my "cheap cheap, everything must go!" prices, they couldn't resist.


Some of my students noticed me, got their friends, and then all wanted the chance to buy something from mr. andy.


Within 1 minute, the passers-bye instinctively assumed standard chinese, huddle-and-gawk formation.


By the five minute mark, this lady purchased about half of what I had, and then tried to steal some squirt guns on top of it. I was only charging 3 kuai each, or 5 kuai (NOTE: I had questions about this, Chinese money is called renminbi, or RMB or Yuan, kuai is a unit word for money, like saying "bucks") for the set (about 45 cents). She then gave the guns to her kids and said that i couldn't take them from the kids since she already gave them the guns. I called her a theif, and harnessed the power of the crowd to stop her theivery. Begrudingly, she pressed the 5 yuan into my hands in 50 cent increments.


8 Minutes in, the guy in the A-shirt bought my handy bike, 2 pairs of "Fatty Man underwear" and some hair extensions. I threw the colander in for him for free.


After only 10 minutes of intense humidity, shouting, and craziness i sold out and made 300 RMB. I think i might have a real love for yard saling. Maybe one-day I will pursue my new life-long dream as a globe-trotting 1 man yard saling machine. First I gotta go back to school.

But first I gotta travel china!

Leaving shenzhen on Tuesday! To beijing! Then Xi'an! Then Cheng du! Then Lijiang! Then Kunming! Then Back!



Anonymous said...

Anonymous say, "One man's useless crap is another man's treasure! Have fun and be good in Bejing!

ryan said...

so jealous