Monday, June 22, 2009


We visited the Great Wall, although we went to the wrong park first and could SEE the Great Wall but weren't allowed to go on it... Almost started crying! But we did make it up there, and Andy did ninja kicks and set off fireworks. It was awesome. We'll have to do a quick rundown of what we did.
1. Saw Mao's body - he sort of looks like they put a light bulb inside of his head. Now I only have Ho Chi Minh left on my list of mummified dictators.
2. Sort of ran through the Forbidden City.
3. Went to several temples, all of which had some kind of record-breaking Buddha (tallest wooden Buddha, Buddha with biggest mustache, Buddha doing highest Rockettes-style kick)
4. Got served amazing bewildering dishes at what is possibly Beijing's fanciest restaurant.
5. Made brownies!
6. Bought a lot of things at the outdoor Dirt Market that need pictures to explain them.
So tonight we're heading on to Xi'An, where the Terra Cotta warriors are. Maybe we'll make a better blog post then...

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Kate said...

Do NOT accidentally make the Terra Cotta Warriors come to life!!!!