Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chino Productos

Time for less ranting and more of what everyone wants: MoRE WEIRD CHINESE STUFF!

First up, the most appetizing dish at a dessert restaurant in Hong Kong. Mmmm! I've had the "Mutually Symbiotic Loranthus" version, but this one's gotta be even better!


Here is a great restaurant that we pass all the time when out shopping, but haven't been able to really locate it.


The back of the case for the show Dollhouse. As with many of the DVDs here, the english was taken from some blog or user post and copied directly onto a template for the back. Kelsey had an even better one for the movie "Death Race 2000" which read,  "This movie is the only thing more painful than participating in an actual death race." (more risque DVDs at http://picasaweb.google.com/Andrew.Quitmeyer/ChinoProductos#)


Good job chicken! Gold medal!


On our last trips to the tailor we spotted the place that we should have been going to the entire time.


This thing came with my peanut butter. It was really appealing looking, but WHAT IS IT! In our little apartment we only have chopsticks, so i was hoping it would be something i could spread my peanut butter with, but nope, got big weird holes in it. Had to throw it away for spiting me so hard.


Kitty returns to her kingdom!


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Linda said...

I think Gluttonous Cat is somewhere on the 2nd floor..?

Also, you can use the Skippy toy to make bubbles! It'd be pretty good!