Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Top Stories - Lightning Wolves

One day I was watching TV. The TV broke and there were lots of cartoon characters. I ran out my house. I saw lots of big birds fly in the sky. The robots are fighting on the street. Some monster chased people. Every one pulls out a gun and we shoot them. In the finally, the bad characters all die. I was very happy, because my favorite characters are here. I want to play with them. Bye bye!

The end -Jenny

My dog II
I am a vet. I have my own house. In my house there are three rooms. One is my bedroom, anther one is storeroom, the last one is for my pet.
I have a dog, two cats and other pets. My dog II has super power. Cats GG and KK are sisters, they can know what her sister is doing. One day, GG went out and didn’t come back. I was very worry about it, the same KK, she was very worry too. So,I took II and KK to find GG.II was strong and big,it can bear meand KK.II smelled around,and took us to a building.
When we got there, a man came out, he said :"If you can get me II's super powerto me,I will get you back your ――  cat." How ulgy the man is.
I said to II,"YAP YAP" II bark to the bad man.Suddenly, There was a strom surprise attack the bad man,and he died.
We ran into the buding.GG is there!But she hurt,Don't worry ,my friend,Iam avet.I cure GG,and we went back to my house.
                             The End

One day. A rabbit call Vaten. She went to the most famous volcano. The Volcano has things to produce the nicest clothes. Every one went there to buy the clothes. Vaten went there buy clothes too!
When she arrived at the volcano airport, she thought ’It is very hot. I want to buy a T-shirt.’ At the clothes shop she was looking at one T-shirt for a long time. Then she chose a suitable T-shirt. Vaten put on this T-shirts about four days. She thought the T-shirt was dirty .I must wash it by myself .She washed it and put on it again. She sensed the T-shirt is small to her. She looked the manual she was very surprise. ’This T-shirt can only dry clean. She was sad. This T-shirt cost her 1,000 dollars. She climbed slowly at the volcano. Suddenly she saw a carrot. She wanted to put it out. The carrot said ’Don’t put me out. If you put me out ,the volcano will eruption. ‘Vaten didn’t believe
It .She put the carrot out .
Then the volcano eruptioned. The (didn't Finish)

one day, ten dinosaurs is flew to the moon, they will
eat the moon! I take a talking carrot and flew to the sun. I think I will take the sun rock. But In the sun,
I can’t find the sun rock. After one minute, one robot
hop to me and say:” I eat the sun rock.” I am very angry but I not have good ideas. I take it to the moon because it ate the sun rock. We and the dinosaurs have a war. We are won to. The earth
is very thanks me.


Nate said...

God, these kids are really focused on magic carrots and eating the moon.

1 vote for Sally's story - I can appreciate wanting to climb into a volcano after not following garment care instructions. Plus, the dramatic cut-off ending!

Anonymous said...

Me like Jim's Any story that includes flying dinosaurs, robots, talking carrots, and the moon is a hands down winner! Besides, his name is Jim.

Anonymous said...

I am tshirt carrot, 2 meter tall, and am vote by Sally