Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Top Stories - Volcano Ninjas

The story of Volcano Ninja - Wendy
Once there was a clever scientist. One day he went to the supermarket to buy some cookies and milk. Then he went to a volcano, he added the cookies and milk into the volcano. Suddenly, a ninja flew out of the volcano. The scientist wanted her to help people so the ninja did as the scientist asked.
One month later, another scientist went to the volcano. This scientist was very bad, he added some orange juice and chocolate into the volcano and an evil ninja flew out of the volcano, he had more super power than the helpful ninja. He did bad things and people were very frightened. The ninja girl wanted to help people but she couldn’t.
Finally, the scientist gave her some pills and she ate them. A few minutes later, the ninja girl became 38 ninjas, 21 of them are girls and 17 of them are boys. They killed the evil ninja and the people were thankful.
Because this group of ninjas were born in a volcano so they were called Volcano.

Super Riley
I was a super man with super power. In my country, there is an octopus who is very bad. It always wants to kill all the people, but it is too big , nobody could kill it .One day ,I listen the elder people say there is a apple call “ super apple” all people wanted to eat it and be super man or super woman. But super Riley eat it and be the super man with super power.
One day, super Riley went to the big octopus’s home and fight with the big octopus.
The big octopus used its laser eyes to bit the super Riley but super Riley used his super poser to come up with a mirror and the laser became back to the big octopus. The big octopus was died.
From that time on, there was not any evil.
Super Riley became a hero! All people cheer and cheer and dance!

Fight the monster
I have a robot friend, I always co-operate with him to fight the bad people around the world. My robot friend is blue and he is 100 meters tall. He cans fly 10000km high. He goes 100000km per second. He has many missiles. The bad people are afraid of us. One day, I see a monster flying to the moon, it wants to eat the moon. I think the moon maybe is very delicious. Everyone on the Earth is very frightened. We fly to the monster, we fight the monster. We use laser eyes to chop the monster, but the monster is not hurt. It seems that the monster is not a run-of- the-mill monster. It uses its super power to shoot X-rays at us, but we quickly stand aside. We catch the monster and throw it out of the universe. After we beat the monster, we go back to the Earth for a warm welcome.

The bad carrot-david
“Hello every one! I’m the bravest hero---Volcano Ninja! My home is in a volcano. Today…AH! AH! Run! The big carrot is coming!”
The big carrot pushed my home down. “Oh, my god! I have no place to sleep! I must kill the carrot!”
Then I went to the carrot’s home. The carrot was sleeping. The carrot was huge. It has a pair of green glasses. It has dropped a lot of slobber. I picked up a knife and chopped the carrot. But nothing happened and the knife broke down. Because the carrot was very hard. The carrot woke up. Then he hit me and I flew away.
The next day I was thinking how to kill the carrot. Suddenly I saw a rabbit eating a carrot, and then I have a good idea. I caught a rabbit. Because I know rabbits like eating carrots.
I went to the carrot’s home. I took the rabbit. “Go! Little rabbit!” I threw it on the carrot. Only two minute, the rabbit ate the whole carrot.
The carrot disappeared, and the world was safe again.

Superman - Andy
A long time ago, there was a big apple tree. A little boy loved apple. So he climbed to the tree, suddenly, he took an apple under the shadow …. Queer, An apple is luminescence, a little boy was very surprised, he to collect apple and ate apple. He ate an apple after, he perception he was very strong. This is a superman.
In the world, a little boy is the first superman in the world.
He was helping many people.

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Nate said...

These are all pretty similar, but 1 vote for Andy, for "An apple is luminescence."