Tuesday, March 17, 1998

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Panda Stories
I went to the space with my panda by space ship. I was tired so I fall asleep. I didn’t take care of my panda. I didn’t give him any food. He felt angry and hungry; he jumped out of the space ship! I couldn’t find him. No one would play with me. I missed him. But the space too big, how can I find me panda?
I looked around the space ship, tried to find something to help me. But I only found some books. I cried sadly. Where are you, my panda?
When I wanted to give up, I saw a cute rabbit flying in the space. I felt happy; maybe she knew where my panda was. Therefore I shouted to her: Do you know where is my panda? She thought for a moment: “Oh, I saw a big, fat panda. I took him to my house. Is he yours?”
“Yes! He is mine! Thank you,” I said happily.
I came after the rabbit. I went to her house. And I saw my panda was playing computer games! I felt so happy. I thanked for the rabbit and took my panda back.
In the space ship, I promised my panda, I will take care of him forever. We laughed happily.

A dram
One day I play hide and seek with my panda in the park.
Is turn to me, but I can not find my panda.
I walk to the street I see an old woman, and ask her:’ old lady .can you see my panda /I lose it.’
The old woman say;’I take it to my home.’ I say;’ can I take it come back.’ The old people answer me;’ ok, but I have some question, if you can help me you take your panda come back.’ ‘Ok, what is the question?’ ‘If you can eat 100 hot dogs on 1 min than you can save you panda.’
Than I went to the old people’s home .Than the old people open the door, and I see my baby –panda, I see the old people give me 100 hot dogs on the table, then I call my dad to him to give me a robot to help me . Than my dad calls a robot to me .than the robot it helps but it is worm he copy the hot dogs to200’s.’Oh my deer.’ than I eat the hot dog along on 1 min .so I save my panda.
‘Ding ling ling, get up sunny, now is 7 o’clock, get up .’ my mum is shouting me .


When I was 185 years old,I had the white hair,gold eyes,blue face and red mouse.One day my panda said‘my friend,I am boring,Can you take me to a special place?’I thought this a long time .I did notn know where can I go.So I took my panda to my grandpa home.His home was on the space .There was so big liked 100 playgrounds. My grandpa was 280 years old,but he looked like 50 years old,he did the exercise and played the football very often so he looked like 50 years old .
The next day I took my panda to the space.My panda was very very happy.We took the spaceship,it took about 2 minutes to arrived the space .When we arrived my grandpa home,he was watering the plants.When he saw me he was very surprised ,he was sreaming"Wa’. And then he we stayed in the garden,.We have tea ,,my panda was very amazing he asked me a lot of question about my grandpa and I very happy to tell to him.
My grandpa asked me ”Dear, why do you come to here ?”I said”Because my panda is very boring in the earth and I do not want to see him unhappy ,I thought along time where can I go and I took to here .”M grandpa said’ Good girl,you are very love your panda”Of course!,he is mt friend .”
When I watched the flowers,my panda was not here I was very afraid .I found many many places but I could not found find him,I cried at the garden, Suddenly my panda came back .I was very happy and surprised .’’My dear ,you can not go away, you can not! ’My panda said ‘my dear I never go away,I need not go away because you are my darling ,my best friend.” -Anna

Non-Panda Stories

The strong man and Sophia

A long long a ago there was a quiet village. There lived a very pretty girl, others called her Sophia.

One day, Sophie went with her friends to play games, they came to the lake, saw the black cloud in the sky. Suddenly, it was thundering then an evil witch appeared.
The witch caught Sophia away than said to Sophia’s friends "I want tears of wildebeest, you must give it to me within five days Otherwise, I would have to kill her."

Sophie’s friends are very screamed. They got back to the village and told others of this thing.

That night a strong man appeared in the village and the strong man saw the people in sad. He asked the people :“why you are sad?” The people said "The witch is catches Sophia away, she wants us to find out a wildebeest within five days to she want tears of wildebeest if not Sophia will be killed”

And the strong man tried found to tears of wildebeest, He went to High Mountain and found wildebeest. He encounters some monsters and he killed the monsters. After he was arrived the summit of a mountain and he found wildebeest. Then he received tears of wildebeest. He replenishes strength and he went to the witch’s house and gave her the tears of wildebeest. But the witch did not free Sophia, and the strong man fought the witch with his fists.

Shortly thereafter, the strong man beat the witch and rescued Sophie.

Finally Sophie and strong man lived together and had a happy time in their life.

A girl and a monster
One day, there is a very frightening monster names PUO.
And there is a very cute and very kind girl names Linda.
PUO always chases children and frighten them. HE thinks that is interesting. He likes doing it.
Linda knows PUO. She thinks PUO not a very bad monster. Only nobody plays with him. So she wants to help PUO to be good.
One day, Linda is walking on the road. PUO meets the Linda. He wants to frighten her. So he put some redeye on his mouth. And put his long hair in front of his face. ‘Ha-Ha, the girls will frightening!’ he thinks.
“A” PUO shouts to Linda. But she doesn’t’ frightening. And smile to he. PUO is surprised. Why the girl doesn’t frightening?
“You shouldn’t frighten us. Why do you frighten us?” Linda asks.
“Because nobody play with me.”PUO says.
“I can play with you.”Says Linda.
“Really”PUO says. “of course!”
From that time, PUO doesn’t chases children and frighten them. Because Linda always plays with him.
They are a very good friend!
叶颖莹 Mary

My friend is robot and monster
My friend is robot .Because I live in their planets. It is a long time dream. I dreamed I went to the robot planets. We play very happy.
One day, there was a monster like to dinosaur .He like eating the most different food .He break the robot home and eat some house .I think: I want to make the monster to be quiet. So, I think a lot of ideas. But there are not be good. The robots are homeless and me too.
So, I talk with the monster.
“Hello.” “Hi.” “What’s the matter for you? I can help you!” “ You? I don’t think so you can help me.” “But…the robots can help you!” “Ok, even if yes. My families are very bad!”
The monster talks with me about their planets. The robots listen and very angry. So they’re flying to the monster planets. And fright the bad monster and talk to them. “You shouldn’t do the bad thing!”
A long time ago ,the monster be very good. My friend is robot and monster!
Miki write

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Nate said...

I like Sunny's story and the one about the Strong Man and Sophia, for the odd demands of the elderly.

Also, the future revisionism of Anna is good.

Still, 1 vote for Sunny.