Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Top Stories - Fire Dragons

My story- Amily
I am a mango, I grew in a forest. But one day, a man took me out. And put me into a black bag .and he takes the bag to a market .a woman take me into a small bag. The woman said ‘I will eat you .you look delicious.’oh my god! I don’t want to her to eat me so I am very sad. I cry very loudly. The woman’s son looked at me. He asked me why I cry too loud. I said ‘you mother will eat me so I am very say.’ He was a kind boy. He put me on the desk and told he mother don’t eat .But next dog, a dog came to and took my away. It made me a pillow. He is very comfortable. One week later, a mouse took me to make its bad .It slept on me and played with me. We were very happy. When it alone, I always took jokes to it. It laughs and I laugh .I am very happy because I made someone happy.

My home is on the moon, I like moon because it makes me happy, there is very beautiful, the house is running, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grassland is green, so I like moon. But one day an octopus is very hungry, it wants to eat the moon. I am very afraid, but I invent a 10 meter tall robot, but octopus defeat the robot, I don’t resign, I continue invent, eventually invent 100 meter tall robot, it defeat octopus. I am very happy. I like moon and 100 meter tall robot.

My friend is a robot
My friend is a robot. Her name is Gogo. She is twelve years old. But she is very tall. She is 150 meters. I like dancing, playing and drawing on her hands. She always plays with me. Sometimes she helps me when I feel difficult. She cooks food for every day. I am very happy and she is very happy, too. But one day, she was very sad. “What’s wrong, Gogo?” I said. “I think I should become a person. Because I don’t go out to play. I stay at home every day. It’s very boring.” She said. I knew she wanted to become a person. I should help my friend. So I learned to make some medicines. And give her ate. And she became a person. We are very happy.
This my friend Gogo.