Thursday, March 20, 1997

Conceptually Grand Stories and Great Twists

A dog eats sun

These’s a dog call Toto. He was very naughty, he once ate the moon and a lot of people don’t like him. Because he want to eat the sun too. Today the people organize an army to hit the Toto. But the Toto is clever. He knows that the missile can’t break to the sun. So he leisure to eats the sun!

If I was a Volcano Ninja, I will save poor people, help them to go to school. And they will thank me. Maybe when grow up they will give me some goods.

In this world, there many things are difficult to fix. And I will use my special force to help FBI to fix problem or catch robber like Naruto.

In Japan, the Volcano Ninja is very famous. There was also a cartoon about Volcano Ninja. Because I am a Ninja maybe my job isn’t only help .My another is actor and I can have more money!

Fire dragon

Longtime ago, there was a fire, call Jackie he was a ‘housewife ‘, his wife is force, he is very dislike her .But he has no way.

One day, there was a person came to his home, and tells him’ do you want to be super?

’’Yes, I want .but how can I be that ’Charlie say

’Is so simplexes ’the man said ‘if you follow me, you will be super, come with me.’

’True? ’Charlie said.’

’ let’s go ’

He went with the men, on the way he know: the men’s name is John.

John say ’I am a super men, we will go to the base of the bugbear, are you be afraid?’

‘I am not afraid of it ’Jackie said.

‘Be quite, her was a monster , down!’

‘Oh ok. ’

‘Look, that room, is the captain’s let’s go!’

‘That two man, what are you doing?’The guard saw them.

‘Oh no, we are dangerous now. Run now ’

‘I don’t want to be loadmaster.

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