Wednesday, March 19, 1997

OMG! it was all just a dream!

The ending of the last story is probably the best!


My friend and I

My friend is a superman. I am a robot .One day, he is come to my home, I very happy .l sad:” Are you happy?” he sad:” No, I very tired!” I sad:” Can me

Help?” I sad .he is very Happy, sad:” Yes, thank you.” We are flying in the sky.


One day I am playing computer game. Abruptness, I see the cat run to the table. I very startle. I run to the bedroom.

Abruptness, I see a lot of cat run to me. I very panic. Fetch out book hit cat. More and more cats run to me.

It is beat me bite at me.

Abruptness awakens. Discover just once dreamland.

What happen?

Cathy is my good friend .one day We think that stay at home is very boring, so we want to go out and play. We plan to go to the “Da mei sha” but we don’t why we go to “dong men “and now we must shopping. So strange! The clothes only sells one dollar. We get in a name is ’jojo’. Because in Dong men our favorite shop is ‘jojo’ oh no! A dress only sells 0.5 dollars? So cheap! That dress usually sells 100 dollar ……what happen?

A man he was very audacity. He did not be afraid to other things. Resulting he did not be afraid to other things .the other people conceive he had psychosis. So took him to the psychopath hospital.

One day there were be many dinosaurs in the burrow and the dinosaurs caught the children and ate the children and the dinosaurs was very atrocity. The Spiderman was very animation so the Spiderman went to the dinosaurs den singleton died the dinosaurs the dinosaurs were died

My pet Koko is very piquant. He ran out of the spaceship and played on the moon.

CT7 friend

I have a friend. He’s name is a CT7 and he have a good Kung fu and he can make save.

One day, We’re go to school together and there’s a heavy rain we don’t have any umbrellas and rain coat .My friend CT7 can run very very fast . He run back home and grabs umbrellas to us .

After 180 years I was 193 years old , he is 119 years and we’re also good friend .

Finally we die , and also smell.

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