Monday, March 17, 1997

More incredible stories

(You can tell this girl was a hard Kingsoft user, I love the "because I “m managerial personnel." part)


If I was that superman

If I was that superman ,I could let robot help me to be artificial . I want to set up a school in outer space.

Insider there is outer space looking for the class of class about outer space knowledge ……

We have PE course we can run on the earth and play the games we can go to play with the robot , can eat many many food……

We can have great fun on the earth , Because I “m managerial personnel.

Suddenly a loud bang ,my dream, disturbs the xing .my space school disapper so this is a joke.

My fire gun

I have a fire gun , it can fire break all the things in the world.

So I don’t want to use it now , if there is a bad man.

One day……

I saw a badman .He has a big gun . He wanted to kill everyone in the world and get all of money in the world .I use my fire gun to kill him . But he run away . I run after him and I shoot at him . One hour later,he was dead. That is all,the end.

Some time I think I am a superman is super powers. I am a girl all egg superman .I like fly in the sky and live in a very beautiful and very tidy clean .I think I am very happy.

One day.I saw a lion It very big.It wanted to eat me.

I had super powers.I was fight with it.It was a fiend.

I had a sword.I was chop at it head.It bloodshed and die.I was winning.I saw a bird of Jove.It hawk me. I was afraid.My eye was fire light to Jove.It was die.

I was happy.

A dog

One day have dog come my home. I see it has a beautiful coat and a big eye. It coat is a yellow,

Coffee cat

Coffee cat is very amusing.

It can catch mouse.

I like The Matrix. This movie is very exciting but my parents think it is very boring. The Matrix can evade ballet. He is brave.

the story is a little girl have dog and cat.

They’re loveliness

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