Tuesday, March 18, 1997

More Amphitryons than you are used to

The panda and its Amphitryon

In the middle of the earth, it have a panda live in here . One day, a dog walk in here.

Panda find the dog. Two animals face to face. suddenly, panda and dog are fighting . They fighting very fury. At the end, two animal the Amphitryon are coming. They are fighting too. last, panda and its Amphitryon are beat down the dog and its Amphitryon . The winner are go on space ship. They will be very happy.

But it is a dream.


My friend is a robot

My friend is a robot. She can fly. Her legs are very long. She can run very fast. She is very clever too.

One day, I went to the Mars with my friend. We were very happy. Suddenly a big turtle flew over us and robbed my ice-cream. I was very angry. My friend flew and robbed the ice-cream with the big turtle, but the big turtle threw my ice-cream on the floor.

At last ,we bought another ice-cream.

If I had an super hearing

If I had a super hearing, I can hear 100 km things I could.

One day I heard some teachers talking.

Today will have a test. Mr. Andy said loudly. I Listened and ran quickly. I am happy with my super hearing.

But one day, middle of the night, I sleep very heavy. After, I heard a loud noise. I can not sleep any more.


The brave dog

There was a brave dog, it join the dog compete it beat many dog, There have a bigger than its dog is bitted it .it is bruise. oh no it acheit shout We medical treatment itand the brave dog beat the big dog . Passage innumerable trials and hardships. And it win compete.


Martin buy food

One day, Martin is hungry ,he went to eat food. He goes cake shop. On the way, e forgets his money. When arrives he cake shop .martin immediately to go to the street and find his money .suddenly , a thief run after of me , he wants to rob my money but a superman help me, he fights with thief ,then superman wins , Martin is very happy. Martin sees the money on the street and put it to cake shop to buy some cake. Now Martin is not hungry.

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