Monday, March 17, 1997

Wonderful Tries and the Soft King's Children

Happy day

My friend name is Jack. Today is my happy day. I play with Jack.

L plays football with Jack. l play very happy, Jack very too. l play withal. l and Jack go to the drink cooling water. This is very cool and clear. Time is soon. l go to home.

The peter

I had a super hearing

Shirley chan

I have a super hearing, Kitty stood out of the Shenzhen. I could hear what she talked.

One day, I walked on the street. I saw an lady cried loudly. So I asked her what was happed. She said, her baby lost, she could not find baby. So I used my super ear to hear. I heard a baby cried. I went to baby there with baby ‘ s mother. She found her baby, and thanked me a lot .

One day, I could not hear anything. I lost my ears. I went to the doctor. Doctor gave me ears, common ears. I can’t have super ears.

Now, I can hear anything, but it is not far.


When I was 9 year old , in the dreamland I saw a very beautiful person . She has a very big and bule eyes, and very long hair. Her hair is black and crimp. She said she is a fairy . She live in a very big home in the sky . She told me I have a super hearing. But I do not believe it .

.One day I take my pet panda for a walk. Every people look at me , they think my panda is very cute! And then a strong wind blow. And my little panda almost rassling! Suddenly I see a fairy in front of me .She say be careful and then fly away .

I suddenly hear some thing .I think is a thief .At once I call the policeman. And the policeman thanks me a lot. I real know I have a super hearing.

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