Thursday, March 20, 1997

What is that panda doing

This first one would be just a nice simple cut story if the line: "The panda strip me and go to it home." happened to be omitted. Now it is just creepy.


the panda is very cute. I like it.

I come to TV neighborhood. I play with panda.

The panda strip me and go to it home. It is very beautiful. I like it. Over there the world .it with her friend goes to it home. I am very surprise.

Very panda are very cute .we play the other game. I am very happy.

Sometime. I am come back to my home; I talk my family I am going to the Canada play with the other panda. I am very happy. My families are happy and surprise too.

Bye-bye, panda .see you.

Next time I play with you.

There’s a dog. Its name is hungry. It wants to eat something but there is not food to eat. When Kitty is very hungry, it sees a beautiful woman. Kitty wants to eat her. So it run to woman and eats her. But the woman doesn’t taste good so Kitty throws the woman out of it mouth. Do you think the woman is poor?

I am a hero

A long ago, there was a super girl, she had super hearing.

Once, she heard two birds are taking:Nine! Here will be a large earthquake tomorrow. Let’s move the house!” “Ok !Let’s go! Lily!”

The girl was very anxious. She wanted to save the people. So she asked every body on the earth to move their house to the Mars of safety that night.

The next day, the girl’s friend Tony used his super seeing to see what happen on the earth. The earthquake really happened! The people are safety, they thanked the girl very much.

Do you want to know who that girl is? Ok, I can tell you. Emm……That girl is me-----Nicole!

{Written in Giant Graded Orange-Red 3D wordart} “I am a Hero”

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