Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go China!

So our 7 day work week turned out AWESOME!
1 day off for the typhoon, 2 days off for sports day (yeah i know), a party at the 4 largest port in the world, and a teachers party.

Our first party was the "Crane Party." Here our host Richard drives our school around a humongous shipping yard. Surprisingly this got boring.

Then it was time for buffet and games!
Eric (our very weird and silly contact teacher) was the MC along with Yantian Shipping Liason, "Orange."
Here is our big head teacher welcoming us all to this bizarre event.
The president of the entire company "was so delighted that were were here" and wanted us to come back anytime. I don't know why, all we did is get presents and food from them. For a while my brain kept trying to figure out how a group of teachers and a gigantic shipping yard could be beneficial towards one another, but those thoughts were drowned out with french fries, egg rolls and cake.
The teachers were all split into teams and each time had to come up with a name, logo and slogan.
They kept rejecting my ideas until i said the word spider and they all immediately latched on. But just the name team spider was not enough. "We need more, how about team Spider Winner!" -"Yes, or Go Go spider!" "Go Go Spider Winner!" Me: "That is an incredibly chinese name, and what about our slogan?" "Go go spider! We're the winner!"

Jody, kitty and I all got to do "fun teaching" at the party which surprisingly was not as fun as it may sound.
Kitty destroyed me at alphabet ping pong. All the rest of the Chinese just cheated, and focused only on their awesome Ping Pong skills.

At the end we were then treated to some amazing Karaoke (or KTV as they call it) and enchanting dance numbers.

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