Thursday, September 25, 2008


I bought a guitar! It's about the cheapest one I've ever seen, both in price and quality, but it sure is mine! I bought this one at a luggage/watch/camera equipment/cheap crap you sell to foreigners store. It was my first really successful bargaining purchase as well - I got the guy down to 180 yuan from 250. You can't tell too well here, but I'm rocking your socks off in this picture.
Here's a way sweeter guitar that we found in an actual music shop. These guitars were more like 1000 yuan, and probably well worth it. I hope you can see how awesome the dragons inlaid into this guitar are. The guys at this shop were sitting around playing guitar, and they were really good. I was intimidated by them and their persistent efforts to speak to us in fast Chinese, so I just bought a guitar strap and ran.
Here's a good view of a Chinese back alley in the evening. You can buy pretty much anything you want here, including coconut snow fun. We went out to dinner in this area after our Friday afternoon Chinese class. In typical Chinese banquet style (we think), all the couples sat across from each other. We actually know how to order some food now, although menus are still mostly a mystery. Still, being able to go to restaurants that don't have pictures on the wall is a big step.And again for our green-thumbed mothers, a really cool nursery that had HUGE cacti. Maybe pictures will be forthcoming.Here are some neat bull sculptures that had creepy anatomy. Other bull rears were a bit too large and "flaring" to really post here.
Now it's time for us to batten down the hatches - there's apparently a minor typhoon on the way. Hopefully class will be cancelled! We have a 7-day work week this week since we get a vacation next week (brilliant understanding of the concept "vacation," China!), so we could really use a day off. Here's hoping!

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Confuscious Say: 1 Chinese yuan = 0.146696 U.S. dollars or roughly 15 cents.