Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We live at a location!

The location:

#1011 Haijing 2nd Street
Shatoujiao Yantian district
Shenzhen, Guangdong,China

On another note:
I (andy) had fallen deeply in love with China's State Banquet Beverage, Coconut Palm.

However deep my love, though, I was struck by the fact that Coconut Palm costs almost 3 Yuan! (Nearly 40 cents!). In order to keep frugal, and to prove to myself that my love was just not a result of amazing advertising (i mean how can you resist the state banquet beverage?!) i purchased each type of "coconut juice" that the local stores had to offer, and had Kitty administer a blind taste test to me.
There were 3 main candidates: Cocounut Palm at 2.7 Yuan, Some drink with a coconut and exclamation point at 2.5 Yuan, and some drink with just a picture of a coconut 1.2 yuan. The below picture was not actually tested, it is just a picture to illustrate that, yes, there are other types of coconut beverage.
The Test!
I had to keep my eyes closed, so sometimes i would have to search for the opening with my tongue.

Some coco-beverages were not good.Some were VERY bad.

The Results:

The absolute loser: drink with a picture of a coconut- This drink was sooo bad i was forced, against my will, to throw away a coconut beverage. Its taste was of corn starch, water, and gasoline mixed in a rubber balloon, and served by a guy telling you that you suck. Luckily after i poured out its disgusting contents, i noticed a little warning label on the side that states that it contains no coconut meat, only vegetable albumin, which made me quite happy that i had not thrown away an actual coconut beverage.

Runner up: Exclamation point coconut drink - tolerable, less like gasoline than the loser, and would be able to be drank if dying.
Winner: Coconut Palm! The official state banquet beverage! Worth every yuan!


Zouyan said...

Its a good thing your favorite Coconut drink knows to tell you that it is not made from magma.

Anonymous said...

Coconut Palm juice sounds delicious and handy!