Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Zhuhai Post (Hopefully)


After many days of incredible heat, our little peninsula finally got blasted with rain. My friend Zach and I courageously sprinted through the deluge to pick up lunch for our group. Huge lightning bolts were blasting all around the city and the alarms of all the cars we passed would erupt with each strike. Every time lightning struck the goofy, fake, plastic palm tree-lights in front of the hotel would light up. When we got back with the food, the mean concierge lady made us go to our rooms. Later gigantic snails popped up all over the sidewalks and ancient stairs leading down to the coast. This was a small one, the big ones were maybe twice this size!

A day earlier we hiked up to the top of this mountain comprising the awesome park we had mentioned earlier. It's a pretty long hike, hot and buggy, but the view from the top is amazing:


Also for some reason we're not totally sure of, all the people who come to the top of the mountain seem to put locks on this huge boulder. It probably has something to do with coming back at some point or love or something. We're not sure.

There's a slow kind of roller coaster running down from the top of the mountain. It cost about $5, so we didn't go on it, but as we were standing there looking at it, this guy got in to one of the cars with his dog! He rode down, standing up and holding on to the dog's leash. Sorry this picture's blurry:

We also saw a friendly little lizard running around the park.

Later we went to this dumpling place with a bunch of our friends. It's really cheap (~ 40 cents for 9 or so dumplings, usually enough to fill me up) and really tasty, so we've been going there a lot, but since there were so many of us, some of us had to sit on little, cheap, plastic stools. While I was chatting at the other table, Andy's stool decided he was way heavier than the average Chinese person and suicided. He was left sitting embarrassed on the floor while everyone in the restaurant laughed at him.... pretty funny stuff. You can see the stools and some of our buddies in this pic:

Some other random pictures:

Dragon topiary

A weird religious (or anti-religious?) desk set of some sort, featuring various tortures and weird figures

Lack of toilet choice
"Classy kiss" dairy product - no sloppy makeout sessions for them!


We had to practice teach in front of our peers to somehow simulate the feel of a "real" classroom. Kitty and I prepared an awesome lesson plan for the kids about monsters and zombies to teach them pretty much the basics of what they will need to know if they go to the US. More on that later.

Kitty types a lot faster and better than i do!


Emily said...

Hey! Sounds like China is pretty cool so far. I told a lot of people about people looking at Andrew for being hairy, i thought that was reallllly funny. Also, my art teacher (Robin Douglas) remembers you and she is pretty awesome, i am having fun in her class. I miss you guys. I think I will have to ask Tom to play tennis with me sometime. Hope you have fun with the kids!! I like reading this! Love you! - Emily

Susan Libby said...

Hey Andrew, I think it is awesome that you got to go to China, I only got to go to Hong Kong and from what I hear it is nothing like the mainland of china, I hope you guys have so much fun and stay safe! Talk to you later