Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Il Fashionisto!

Our first set of visits to the tailor has resulted in two new pairs of pants for kitty, and a three piece suit that was stolen off a 3rd order assassin cleric from the future for me.

It has a cute little vest....
And a matching overcoat. As you can see the suit is depicted in "relaxed mode," but can quickly transform into ultra fashion-laser (Flazer) with the addition of its pants, a tie and matching cuff-links.

I am probably going to head back to the tailors in a week or two with concepts for duck feather lined t-shirts, jump suits, shorts, and maybe a hammock, so i am going to open up this post to be the official "Ideas for things for Andy to wear." So if you have any awesome ideas, let me know and i can try to incorporate them into my designs. Hopefully our powers will combine to start a fashion empire and we will be able to take down my arch nemesis, "Q'ggle" (which is apparently run by heroin addicted 12 year olds).

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