Monday, October 20, 2008

Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay)

This past weekend marked our first real voyage to Hong Kong. We met up with the rest of the daring souls in our group at the Hong Kong Metro station to embark on a camping trip to a remote beach.

We stopped to eat a a cute little town with big fun fake paper boats. (Note: for some reason the ducks in the background were also fake)
I got attacked by a friendly stink bug. If he only knew how bad i was going to smell at the end of the weekend anyway maybe he would have left me alone.

The journey demanded riding a bus to a train to a bus to another bus (a double decker!), and a 3 hour hike over a mountain just to get to the beach. We visited two beaches separated by a rocky bluff.

A crystal clear lake in the middle of the mountain greeted us, and treated me to hand and leg lacerations when i fell.

While i waited for the others, i went exploring around an old squatter settlement that looks like it may have been forcefully "reccomended for clearance."
There were a few trails to go from one beach to the other, this was not one of them. Jeanette, I, a californian guy and his chinese lady were the only ones willing and stupid enough to take the rocky, sheer cliff route around the bluffs separating the two beaches. The waves would shoot up and shatter against the rocks all around as we spider crawled over gaps in the rocks. It was pretty awesome.
Here was the main beach that we finally made it to, and where we set up camp (well after the jerks next to us on the huge mostly abandoned beach told us to move).

Euchre was played.

Long romantic strolls were had.

Some guys' boat was almost washed away in the night.
The sun rose.

And the spiders were incredibly huge.

(Note: my finger is actually about 3-4 inches closer to the camera than the spider.)

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