Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In order to make my kids feel more awesome than the standard sobriquet of class 6-2 or class 5-3 would allow, I gave my classes the opportunity to come up with awesome team names.

I made a list of (what i am going to call, though this is pretty grammatically incorrect for an english teacher) "Action Adjectives" and "Action Nouns". The class then got to collaborate (read: fight, bicker, and punch each other) to decide what their overall class was going to be designated for the rest of the year. All of them wanted to be "Super" something because that was like the first word they knew along with "prawn" which none of them wanted to be. Tornado was another popular title as you will see, and i was quite disheartened that no one wanted explosion!
Some teams i am really quite proud of, like the tornado bots, the Lazerbots, the Supercowboys, and the volcano ninjas, but others disapointed me like the "Fire dragons"-yeah real creative there, class. One class almost had the coolest, rule-bending, name of "Lightning Whale-Wolves" which would have been super sweet, i mean imagine a electric powered werewolf-like creature that was part whale instead of part "were." The kids were super excited but the teach declared that it would just be "too crazy."

As a special prize for them i designed them each sweet logos.

A weird side effect developed from these denominations in that, since i don't know what the names of the assistants i have in each class are, i have begun mentally referring to them by the class name. So if one gives me a hard time, i am like, "man, that 'Ice astronaut' was such a jerk today," or if one is really fun, i am like "That super cowboy is alright with me." The "Fire Dragon" is really weird in that she seems to really enjoy her class and have a good time, but the only words out of her mouth are screaming "SHUT UP!" in various ways: "Shut up! Why don' t you shut uP!" "You are so stupid! Why don't you shut uP!" "Why are you stupid? Becuase you talk? Yes! Shut UP!

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Great job on the logos!