Friday, April 3, 2009

Giant Space Pumpkins Cause Xanthochromia

Okay! Here we go! This was perhaps one of the very best things i have seen in China. A whole exhibit featuring the Space Pumpkins. Now I have become jaded to most strange sayings, and weirdo Chinglish like, "Ereeboyd dumpster love mkae fameo," barely affects me anymore, but i feel that very rarely in one's life do you ever get exposed to such utter insanity.

The best type of insanity, of course, is that which draws you in slowly. You can't appreciate the deranged minds behind this until you find yourself trapped in their world and losing track of the door while you are being surrounded by the inmates slowly prodding you with hummus molds of the eiffel tower.

So first the exhibit looks somewhat interesting; A cute/odd child holds a great expressing while attempting to do battle with a pumpkin that may or may not have been to space.

Soon, however, you find yourself being pulled into the realm of mad-scientists when terms like, "The synthesis ray in the Universe," begin popping up.

But then of course the exhibits goes back to being completely normal.

You don't need Dr. Zooey to tell you that Qi stasis and greasy fur are not appropriate to eat, especially when health is no impediment.

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