Thursday, April 9, 2009

更多的 Birthday fun!

Kitty got me crazy snacks from here like, Duri-O's the durian flavored oreo!
Kitty used her love to trick me into drinking a huge gulp of an ice-cream, beer, saki, wasabi, and soy sauce concoction they whipped up when i was in the bathroom. (Picture 1/2 of james looking terrifying)
We went by a mall where we saw a little hitler doll being run through by a car. (Picture 2/2 of james looking terrifying)

Aside from Shenzhen's notoriety of child kidnappings, little kids came and talked to strange waiguoren for hours after 10pm on friday. Check out shenzhen in the news:

Fun crazy seal-your mouth shut food.
Time for Kitty to explain some of these photos! Andy and our buddy Kelsey went to the carnival, but I didn't go along, so I can't comment on too many of them...

Andy is in the habit of giving street vendors .5 yuan to upgrade his food. This is especially lucrative when ordering cotton candy. I really hope he didn't eat the whole thing, but I'm sure he did.

Chinese vampires are different from Western vampires in totally fascinating ways! For example, their bodies are apparently too stiff to allow them to walk, so they can only hop. You heard me - Chinese vampire movies are filled with the hopping dead! It's even less frightening than it sounds. There's a great Hong Kong movie called Mr. Vampire that details this and other differences from Western vampires. I hope to bring a copy back.

After our spa trip, we decided we had eaten way too much fruit and needed some bread, so we stopped in at Bread Talk. I have to say that, although Chinese bakeries are really fun, and all the food looks wonderful and is way cheaper than any western bakery, the actual baked goods are pretty subpar. Anyway, the names and decorations make up for it.

One of the most fun aspects of giving presents in China is the great selection of wrapping papers. For this birthday, I stumbled upon some truly hilarious tape, such as this Apple computers themed tape, which actually mostly talked about the mysterious Qingse.


Nate said...

I had some durian candy this weekend, and holy hell, it was one of the worst things I've ever eaten. Not only did it taste like curdled garlic-butter + rotten eggs + coconut, but it also infected me with this heartburn burp virus, so that I had to taste it for hours and hours after.

Andy said...

Oh god, when we opened the Durio bag, it filled the room with this super concentrated durian powder that burned your nose and made you want to vomit. Somehow we all still managed to eat a durio, which really didn't taste like anything at all. Then we had to pitch the bag outside because it was making life unbearable. What a horrifying "food."