Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Overseas Chinese Town

We recently got a day off work to go to a place that may have been more boring than actually working. Now these pictures are going to make everything look a whole lot better than it actually was, so even while you sit back and think, "hmm that's kinda neat," remember it actually, totally sucked. In fact the only really good part about it was the GIANT SPACE PUMPKINS. Which are so good that they deserve their own blog post (coming soon). The rest pretty much blew.
Mostly we traveled around a giant construction zone, while loud, blaring TV's showed up what things "really" were like. Mostly just very old men marrying young Chinese women in lovely Swiss villages.
Again- look happy, had some fun, but it kinda sucked.

After 2 of these trains we got to wait in line to ride a third train through a concrete tunnel! WHOO!

Dare i say! Did we perchance happen to land in a lovely Swiss villa in yonder mountain?

It was kinda like a fairy tale. A boring fairy tale.

For some reason these steps were leaking. Not a common problem with most steps, but then again, i have never been to Switzerland.

Big Weird Sundial. (Note: sundials do not work on cloudy days)

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