Monday, April 6, 2009


It's our birthday!

and our bodies are about to fail from over-pampering.

For the record, on this date, April 6th, kitty is bestowing her Micheal Jordan year onto me as she makes the transition to her Jack Bauer.

more pics will come later

but here is a round-up of the awesomeness

Friday went to a $17 birthday meal (All you can order teppanyaki! I, that's right, I, even ate 5 filet mignons) But all our friends were too nice and paid for it.

Saturday we had movie marathon and played 4 square.

Sunday I went on a Hike/carnival/zoo/museum trip with kelsey
and sunday night we met back up with kitty, then kitty and I checked in for 24 hours to the Queens spa.

It was amazing, for $30 you get 24 hours of massages, saunas, spas, steam room, crazy water blasters, and all the fruit, drinks and ice cream you can handle (i easily handled 31 ice cream cones within 24 hours...scary).

It felt like being in Phloston Paradise from "The Fifth Element" but with less blue singing aliens and way more naked chinese guys.

You can check out it website since they wouldn't let me take pics:

If it is good enough for the mayor of Hawaii, it is good enough for us!

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Happy Birthday from Kate! said...

YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds like the funnest day ever, I want to go to that spa so bad! WOO HOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I think since I didn't get to see any of my friends on their birthdays and we didn't see anyone on our birthdays, once you guys get back Tebben and I should host a mass party for all the Big Jim people (although with a baby living here, sleeping might have to be done at hotels, but we have a Holiday Inn that has a pool, hot tub grotto, ping pong and INDOOR MINI GOLF). Anyway, assuming you have enough time before your Georgia Move, that is one more Birthday celebration you should count on.