Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Flight


I am on a Spanish keyboard and have only 10 minutes so things might look weird.

None of the flights were terribley long, one was delayed but only a few minutes.

Mostly I sat next to pretty weird people on the plane.
The two next to me spent most of their time analyzing the characters in the ads and suppling voices to insane dialogues that the images generated within their heads.

Lady 1: (We are landing) Here we go, down through the clouds.
L2: What you talking bout! Cant go through no cloud! Clouds are at the top!
L1: (pointing down) what are those?
L2: I don´t know

We flew in the same time as the Futbol team, so basically the scene was that hundreds of ecuadorians were lined up at the airport cheering for us when we arrived.

Breakfast includes THICK cold glasses of Pineapple puree

I will have more consistent internet access by thursday or friday at GAIAS (google it)
I should be able to update more consistently. I got some pretty great pictures and will be able to add them later!

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