Monday, May 26, 2008


Some people may think back to the great Galapaguerra with the nostalgia of a time where the rift between good and evil, right and wrong was more clear cut. A time when our youngest tortoises marched off  to victory, (and, sadly, some to their own demise) yet there was a strong kinship between neighbors, and everyone did their part to help with the war effort. Why i remember when Jimmy the tortoise was barely crawling from the egg; he picked up his brother's old army fatigues, a stalk of lettuce that he had shaped into a crude rifle-figure, and marched straight down to the recruitment center to lend his services. Though he was far too young then to enlist, jimmy served his country proud by improving troop morale as the youngest Tortoise radio personality, and touring the troops' camps demonstrating his famous "Tortuga Stomp."
But of course that was the Galapaguerra, whereas i went to the Galapaguera, which was entirely different. Not as much warring, but still as many tortoises.
More on that to come later.


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