Monday, May 19, 2008

La Mitad del Mundo

First i would like to point out that anytime i write anything in spanish please don't rely on it to be correct in anyway. So the title of this, and anything else in spanish, may have completely incorrect gender, tense, spelling and such (Not that my spelling in english is always correct).

Today at dinner, i got up to use the restroom and wanted to eloquently communicate the idea that i was just going to the bathroom for just a little bit, but that i would have the vegetarian plate. Instead of using any of the fancier verbs and phrases i have been learning in the past few days though, i managed to just awkwardly blurt out, "Soy...Bano. Vegetariano" ("I am bathroom. Vegetarian.")

We went to the third largest volcano in the world (Yellowstone is first) and met the first of many scraggle dogs that ecuador produces. Scientists currently speculate that there are Scraggle dog factories buried deep in the mountains which keep Quito's population booming. (Upcoming pictures may elucidate these concepts)

From there we traveled to an outside museum at the actual equator, where our guide introduced us to head shrinking techniques, alternative male support systems, and experiments that can only be performed at the center of the world. Water drained in opposite directions on each side, you could balance an egg on the head of a pin, and it was really difficult to walk a straight line along the equator (So don't get pulled over for a suspected DUI if you are driving down the equator).

After that, we went to a gorgeous restaurant at the fake center of the earth. This place is a big tourist village that was created by government agents with a good idea to attract tourism but poor surveying tools.

Then we had our city tour, checked out the gilded churches and gigantic statue of Mary overlooking Quito.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the cloud forrest (like a rainforest, but in the mountains) for hiking and ziplining through the canopy.


Spoogemonkey said...
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Jevon said...

That is freakin' sweet. I've heard about the crazy canopy ziplining in other countries; sounds amazing!