Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We left Maquipucuna in the late afternoon and arrived at an organic/experimental farm called Tucanopy. There to greet us was an epic battle between a Dachschund named Lupe, and a wild pig that the owners had named "Julia Roberts." Just wait until you see the video.

UPDATE: LINK IS HERE in case embedding doesn't work!

We took 6 ziplines that were hundreds of meters in length through the canopy of the jungle. Sometimes you would have to kick palm trees and such out of your way, but mostly the flora would kick you before you even noticed. It offered such an incredible view of the forrest that it was simply amazing. We got tremendous video of it!

tomorrow we go up to a volcano up to 15,000 feet where it is snowing!


Karen said...

It sounds like you are having a trip of a lifetime already. I enjoy reading of your daily adventures. Keep having fun.

kathleen said...

The Julia Roberts thing is spectacular.