Monday, June 9, 2008

Even More Pictures! (Older Pictures, Crazy!)

Here is a nice shot of Azim crouching on the ground and trying to hide after he found out that the large open windows in the showers at Tucanopy afforded spectacular views from both sides.

Here is the 98 butterfly, which are sometimes called 89 butterflies. ¿Can you tell why?

Here is a shot of our awesome, marathoning, zimbaweian, coconut cracking, biology professor, Rod Mackie, hiking through the lush cloudforest at Maquipucuna.

Intense shots of ziplining through canopy at Tucanopy.

Here i am in the process of losing an entire dollar, 2 cents at a time at the local Gambleteria in Quito.

All from Yost´s Camera! Go Yost!ªª

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kathleen said...

What great pictures! You look so super cute on the zipline. Plus I love the 89/98 butterflies, thanks for posting!