Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Bye to Buddies

Well, the incredible and intense Galapagos trip is over and i had to see off all of my fun buddies to the airport. It was really sad; i had an incredible amount of fun with these people and can´t even start to comprehend that it is over. I am really going to miss them all, especially since many of them i will probably not ever see again.
After they all left I made my way over to a hostal called, ¨The Magic Bean,¨ with my sacks of molding laundry in tow. The Magic bean is actually pretty ritzy; there is a Armed guard perched at the entrance to the flowery, hipster restraunt/coffee shop/juice bar and a little past that is where you can actually check in an get a room for 10 bucks.
Today´s itinerary consists mostly of trying to catch up on my communications, de-stink-ifying myself and my clothes, and getting started on figuring out what we are going to be doing at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. So far my schedule looks like:
S      M      T      W      R      F      Sa

8        9     10     11     12     13     14
          * Start workshop (9th)
                          **  Program ends (18th)
15     16     17     18     19     20     21
                                   * head to Esmeraldas (19th)
                                  ** Back from Esmeraldas (26th)
22     23     24     25     26     27     28
29     30     1       2       3       4
                          *                 *  (fourth of july lake party!)
                          I fly back (2nd)
but ecuador seems to possess a different concept of time in general, so any of that can be completely changed at any time.
I should be in internet contact at least once a day from now on, and managed to get some pictures from Yost´s camera of the past weeks of adventure that i can post with anachronistic updates of the amazing events of the weeks past.

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