Saturday, June 14, 2008

Look! Ecuador is Fun! Not scary!

Here are some fun pics from fun things we did in the Galapagos!

This is the pretty path that leads to the sadly very oily, tortuga bay, where we snorkled and tried to surf.

Here are non-bloody shots of the horseback ride up Seirra Negra and below is a picture of one of the craters we got to climb around on.

Here are the fun boats we got to take on the island paradise of Isabella to go make fun penguino amigos!

More shots of the idyllic Isabella with its fun dirt roads and driftwood lampposts

Andy made a marine iguana amigo tambien! (Note: one of the last shots of that hat before it was lost to mighty posiedon)

So the best part about ecuador is that if you can think of something and ask, people will let you do it. So, in Santa Cruz, with my simple phrase of ¿Peudo Montar? i was able to ride garbage trucks to restraunts, latch onto moving trucks, and climb up cocunut trees to harvest their fruit!

Here are some niƱos that i gave a coconut.

And the back of the truck that we got to ride to the airport!


Kevin said...

hey andy,

kevin from cms here! loving the photos and the blog so far! keep it up!

Andy said...

Hey buddy! Glad you like it! Please send me more info on your projects and awesome games like Burn the Rope!