Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Going to esmeraldas at 4 AM tomorrow, but actually managed to complete all 11 of the kids videos and they are slowly being uploaded to youtube as we speak!
The should all be up by tomorrow!
All these videos are based off true events in the kids lives and almost all of them have to deal with incidents or feelings towards their personal work
For example, Johan breathes fire for a living, and his story is about a time when he accidently caught himself on fire and no one would help him. Luckily his brother saw him and saved his life.
All the videos are in spanish, but there are 2 english versions of Vicky's and Jorge's. We will have spanish subtitle versions available on the storytelling studio sight whn i get back to the states. We will also update the details and stuff for each video, but for now here is the sneak peek!
Ill be back in touch in a few days, and in the US in a week!
Now i am off to super poor coastal villages for 3 documentary of the summer!

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