Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Facts!

Hey hey, here are some Andy/Ecuador fun facts!

Andy´s Awesome Name:

There used to be an ecuadorian produced car made for the people (kinda like the Volkswagon and germany) that was called the Andino!

The popular brand of milk that comes in sacs here is called, Andina!

The communications conglomerate is called Andinatel!

All women over 30 think that Andrés y Andrecito y Andino are the best names in the world. " OH! what a good name!... What a sweet name! Oh i hope you are as sweet as your name!" they always tell me.

So apparently Andrés is the best name to have here

Quick Fact!

Andrew James Quitmeyer is believed to be the only individual in Quito possessing Arm hair. This is apparently completeley irresistable to everyone young and old and of both sexes. Men want the arm hair and ladies want to be with the arm hair. (Seriously my arms get stroked by strangers 2-3 times a day)

Fast Facts about Films!

Ecuadorians are able to cut through the haze of our prevaricative media (I am studying for the GRE hence the giganto words) and spell things out how they really are. For example everything remotley resembling anything produced by the Scary Movie franchise has been lumped into the same category, thus they have single DVD´s you can purchase for a buck that contain Scary Movies 1-11.

Ecuador also seems to just love sequels in general, as right now they are showing both El Hombre Incrieblé and Hulk 2 at the same theatre. The movies have two quite different posters and different showtime, but both seem to star edward norton as a big green man.

And they have Both Lion King 3 and Lion King 4! I don´t even know what these could possibly be!

(Point! Further research indicates that Lion King 3 might be equivocal to the US Lion King 1.5, but i still have no idea what Lion King 4 could be!)

A slower fact...

I live on the street in quito where all the cool and happening restraunts bars and nightclubs are in a region of Quito called the Mariscal, but due to its popularity attracts lots of gringos and is colloquially reffered to as "Gringo-landia." Now, usually when you meet ecuadorians and they ask you where you are from and you say "el Mariscal," they give you this knowing and sort of disappointed look as if to say, "oh of course, big giant gringo lives in gringo land." But then if, after you tell them that you are from Mariscal, you jokingly reffer to it as, "gringo-landia," the person´s point of view will switch instantly and they will become super good friends as if you were a double agent in the secret club making fun of gringos.

A sexy fact :-0!

The standard pasttime of internet cafe denizens seems to be sharing a computer with your buddy and making as many myspace freinds as possible with millions of identitcal sexy spambots. And getting really excited and yelling everytime you make a new fake myspace friend.

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kathleen said...

Well OBVIOUSLY Andino is the best/cutest name around. And I can't resist your arm hair, so how could anybody? I don't really understand the MySpace stuff though.