Sunday, December 14, 2008

Choose our Adventure!

Kitty and I get a month long paid vacation coming up (she actually has a two month long vacation-she stops working tuesday while i have to work till january 12). Anyway we have decided on taking one of 2 possible trips, and since you are the one reading this, and this is where pictures will be posted of the adventure, you can help decide!

Trip 1: We fly to bangkok, and then take trains and buses around the bottom of mainland asia for the month to cambodia, laos, and vietnam. Everything on this part of asia is apparently dirt cheap.

Trip 2: We fly to kota kinabalu (the cutest named city ever), and then hang around the island of borneo for the month visiting malaysia and indonesia. Big rainforests, and crazy islands (even islands with stingless jellyfish). No one speaks english, and prices for things are slightly more expensive than what we are used to in China.

So if you have an opinion on either place (that might require more research and info than i have provided) let us know.


Anonymous said...

kota kinabalu sounds freaking awesome, do that!

Nathan Koentz

Linda said...

OOOOOO, Bangkok! I want to go to Thailand some day! You can ride elephants!!!!

John said...

Got to go to Borneo, land of the headhunters! Especially because the word verification for this comment has orge in it.

Anonymous said...

My vote also goes to Borneo. Take plenty of pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yes, go to Borneo!

Zouyan said...