Friday, December 12, 2008

Mountain DEFEATED!

Once again the mighty Wutongshan mountain, the constant sentinel, stood over us...mocking. But this time, there was no turning back. After setting torch to our room, we knew there was no turning back, and the only way towards freedom was up.
One of the worst parts about this mountain is that the closer you get to the top, the further it seems away.
The ground trembled below our feet as the mountain accepted its new masters.
Also there were about 1/2 a billion other chinese people up there too.
Here was the "Heavenly Lake" that signs had been advertising since the bottom.
So this mountain is part of a range that divides two districts of Shenzhen, Yantian (where I live) and Louhu (where kelsey lives). So instead of just heading back from where we came, we though that there must be some way over the range to just walk to kelsey's house. We would just keep walking the opposite way that we came from. Maybe it was the altitude, but for some reason it didn't seem like that bad of an idea at the time.

We made it to this big towery thing that had a tea house in the bottom.
There were a bunch of temples scattered around the range also, but we only saw one.

This house looked super fun and abandoned, so Kelsey and I decided to go climb around and explore it.But as soon as we stepped foot near it, droves of dogs began smashing against the welded shut metal doors. That place was scary.
Here is where we made it to louhu about 4 hours later! Fun!

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