Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After the Jackie spectacular, we spent the next day exploring Guangzhou.

The chinese seem to be very enthusiastic about lots of little physical sports and activities, but i have to report that, sadly, they aren't that great in general. I stepped up to show them how jump rope was done.
We journeyed up to the top of the big mountain in Guangzhou, but, as you can see, we definitely weren't the only ones up there.
We were happy to see that no longer were psycopaths or persons with "bibulosity" allowed on the lift.
Kelsey and I climbed up a waterfall.

We then visited an awesome bird park for only 10 kuai.
This cockateil could rollerskate...
and ride a bike!

Here was the smartest bird in the universe. If you held up money, he would fly down and steal it from you, BUT if the bills were of a denomination lower than 5 kuai he would spit the money back in your face in disgust.

We then made our way to the Guangzhou martyrs cemetery. Guangzhou was apparently one of the first places that the big communist revolution began. This big cemetery was dedicated to all those who died in the earliest uprising, but now was also the cool place to take your family to play hackeysack and go on carnival rides.

We tried to resist the feudal superstition, but once they tell you not to, it becomes so much harder.

There was a big wall depicting the ancient origins of the Chinese characters.
Cool commie gun statue.

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Linda said...

I lived in Guangzhou for a few years! FUNNNN.