Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fairyland Flower Park

A little while ago, Kitty, Kelsey, and I went to check out the botanical garden near Kelsey's place. After wandering aimlessly through his town, getting accosted by guards when we tried to walk into a rich subdivision that we thought was the garden, and getting yelled at by ladies trying to sell incense for not walking in front of their store. Eventually, we came across what looked like the entrance to a huge park, but when we asked the people, they all told us that it was not a park, but instead was a temple. It seemed a bit confusing, because this temple didn't really have a temple anywhere and people were just walking in, hanging out, and playing badminton or hackey sack.

We ended up not liking the place too much, but we figured our botanical mothers would appreciate lots of pics of all the greenery. However, there were quite a few places in the park where it seemed like someone just went and uprooted all the cacti.

One whole section of the park was dedicated to busts of Chinese biologists from the turn of the 19th century mostly from the University of Illinois. Becky, Linda, maybe one day your white stone skulls will end up here (Linda has a one up on being from china, also was Zooey a biology person?)

Several rooms were filled with only cacti and nothing else; really, for a botanical garden I don't know if we saw any non-cactus flowers.

Here I am, looking like a 3 year old who got taken to a brothel while being babysat by a weird uncle, and was too concerned about my melting ice cream to notice the strange, naked women.
Ahh... that's much more like how I was supposed to repsond.

This tree got planted by Shenzhen's hero, Deng XiaoPing.

Yep, more cacti, more naked lady statues.


Zouyan said...

You guys should go to the Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin.

I know its kinda of far out of the way, and cold. But damnit, GO!

Linda said...

haha, yea, jared was a molecular biology major like me.