Sunday, November 2, 2008


Last Thursday, one of my first grade teachers and I had to host an "open class," which means that a ton of other teachers and a CAMERA CREW decide to come check out & tape my class! No pressure! Actually, I didn't care that much, since our big bosses at the school come in all the freaking time without announcing themselves to supervise and critique my classes, and they rarely say anything mean. In fact, one of those sessions earned me a little loudspeaker so I don't have to ruin my vocal cords trying to make myself heard over 40 little monsters.

Anyway, I wasn't too worried, but my assistant teacher acted like it was the apocalypse or something. He was really excited and worried and would assault me with questions about it a couple times a day. It went fine, and he was so relieved that we went out for bowling and hot pot afterwards. (At first, he said, "On my bill," but he abruptly amended it to "On my and Kitty's bill," which is totally not how treating people to bowling works. We decided to go Dutch.)

So here we are bowling! I haven't gone in a couple of years, but it was pretty fun. I still suck as much as I used to, but Andy was the best, and Louis, the guy in the picture, was the second best. I wasn't quite the worst! All right!
Andy's score is on the bottom. I mostly aim to break 50, which I did admirably!
When we went out to hotpot, Andy apparently found a bottle of urine in the bathroom, sitting on a plate covered with urine. Who needs a conveniently placed urinal when you can just pee in a bottle/on a plate?
Here we are with Eric, the worried first grade teacher, and Louis, our contact teacher, eating hotpot. You can see the hotpot in the center. It's kind of like fondue, in that you cook the food yourself, but you use a soup in the center instead of cheese or oil. Ours was chicken and pig's stomach soup! The broth was actually really good, but we were not overly fond of the pig's stomach.
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