Thursday, November 27, 2008

Papa Jawesome!

For some reason Papa Johns and KFC tend to be the most global fast food places. Way more than even the supposedly ubiquitous Mcdonalds. Even though the basic fastfood places in China (McD, KFC) are supposedly way better here than america, i have vowed to put off eating at such places as long as possible. However, I have been wooed by the upper-echelon fast-food delicacies of Papa Johns. Oh my GOD! It was incredible! Normally pizza here is prohibitorily expensive. Those tiny pizzas on the table above are around 68 RMB (10$) each, and what i would think of as a "normal" large papa johns pizza could easily run over 20$. But for some reason the company decided to make a somewhat secret deal where you could pay only 60RMB (9$) and order anything you want from the menu, AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! but there is a catch:
Anything you don't eat, you have to pay full price for!

So not only is it a crazy deal of a lifetime, they also make it a challenge/game, which just makes it incredible!

I got that same giddy rush of adrenaline/fear when i get to do something awesome that defies all societal rules imprinted into my mind (think walmart), and got to business.

It is a really good feeling to just slap the dessert menu on the table and say, "wo yao liang ge mei jian shi" (my bad chinese way of saying, I want two of everything! DAN CHANG EDIT: better way is to say "mei yan wo yao liang ge") This picture was taken about 4 seconds after i had a different cheesecake in the other hand.
After this we went out to the bizzarre ultra-deluxe infinitely dense shopping labyrinth of Dong Men. Those are regular pants printed to look like jeans.

Not only do people sell DVDs, the cutest animals, and weirdest trinkets all over the street, they also accost you to get tattoos on a whim. ALSO IMPORTANT FUNNY NOTE: The men here also get lower back tatoos! As soon as i can snag a pic of one i will post it!

There are too many terrific items of clothing avialable and too few that could fit any westerner, if only i could squeeze into a "Super Wood Panel Carrots" shirt.

Me and Kelsey's fav is the "The" dress.
During our gluttonous feast we were kindly informed by the wait-staff that crusts do count as food, so we cleverly stowed these bad boys away.

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Linda said...

this post is hilarious. I was shocked to see all the KFCs in China when i was there this summer, but they are super popular (gross). The edited version of your "I want two of everything" is much better!