Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Over the weekend, we went out hiking in Luohu, which is the part of town adjacent to Yantian, where we live. In between the two areas is Wutongshan, the local mountain. We went to Luohu because Kelsey lives there and he said there's a national park, but it was pretty amazingly undeveloped, no real paths or benches or anything. I definitely wouldn't have thought that it was a government park. We got some pretty beautiful views of Shenzhen and the forest:

It sure was weird that we were in the middle of this huge, 12 million person city, yet you could live in this park without ever knowing that a city lay outside of it. This substantiates the residents' claims that Shenzhen is China's greenest city.
Andy and Kelsey climbed way up this telephone tower thing. I am peacefully reading in the foreground.
Then they took a trip down to the reservoir while I continued reading "Devil in the White City." It's very engaging! Plus I'm lazy.
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