Thursday, November 20, 2008


I just found out that I am the sole source for any scientific information to these children, which is pretty scary. The only other subjects they learn are Chinese, English, and math. Last week, I was told that as their science teacher i was required to have a class in the science lab. Then I was told that i would have to do science experiments in the lab. Then i was told that i still had to stay on our current subject of "Sports Safety." Then i was told that the science rooms have no equipment, and consist of just a room with sinks in the desk and a partially shattered floor.

So, in short, i had to made a lesson for the kids to do science experiments in a broken down room without equipment about "Sports Safety."

So instead i had them make their own comics! (and they are awesome!)

I started by working through an example comic strip about "Sports Safety" with the whole class. In it, a girl tells a boy to wear a helmet, but he refuses, gets hit by a car and then wishes he did wear one. The kids were then instructed to create their own stories and comics about a topic in sports safety.

Some of the (already terrible) classes took this as an opportunity to riot, and the available sinks only exacerbated their craziness (note the growing puddle of water next to the kid in the top picture from the sink he broke).
Other classes managed to do extremely well and produce incredible, crazy comics.

Here are some examples, I will try to post more comics everyday until i run out.

This is kitty's favorite, especially the part with the "FREEZE" because the kid insisted on going outside naked. Also for some reason, all Chinese kids know the expression "Oh my god!"
I love the "bleed" panel from not stretching.

I am just confused by this last one.

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Anonymous said...

I think I know what happened in the last comic strip.... One kid, whom we'll call "Kid A", asks another to play basketball. The other kid whom we'll call Kid X doesn't like basketball and promptly breaks the ankle of Kid A causing a massive compound fracture. Kid X says he'll call for help but instead makes a hasty retreat and summons a man-eating rabbit to devour Kid A. The phrase "I am die" is really converying "I am so screwed, here comes the killer rabbit!. End of story.