Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Valley

Last week Wednesday we arrived to our lunch to hear the pleasant surprise that class was canceled for Thursday and that instead we would all be shipped off to Happy Valley!

I captured their weasely mascot before he could strike more kids with his tail (Seriously he would sneak up and wail on kids with that thing).
Look at these horrible things available in the gift shop

We got to see Christopher Lloyd in his latest masterpeice, "R.L. Stein's (sp?) Haunted Lighthouse 4D" (the fourth dimension is apparently mist). Basically he served the role of looking baffled at things and precariously swinging sharp objects (like a swordfish) towards the camera.

Being a teacher was awesome because you automatically got to cut in front of the billions of little children. The downside was that you would also have billions of little children screaming, "HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!" like maniacs. They were like crack addicts, but for recognition from a white person.
We got to wail on our teacher friends in bumper cars- Oh excuse me, "LaZer Bumper cars" (no lazers were involved.
Me and Jody and teacher friend andy got to sneak onto this fun ride twice where you float around blasting targets, getting attacked by snakes, and getting soaked by others. Jody used poor andy as a human shield.

We also got to live the nerds dream and play counterstrike IN REAL LIFE!

Here is Jody with his elite crew of counter-terrorist agents
Kitty demolished everyone and took home the gold medal that day in death!

On the way back home that day, i finally got to snap a photo of kitty's and mine favorite advertisements. They show the happy, cool subway hauling chubby red-cheeked citizens wherever they need to go while leaving the suckers to ride inside of the sometimes angry, sometimes crying, snail monster. Poor snaily...

There is also the Eiffel tower for some reason.
Our super nice teacher friend, Andy (Friend+andy=Frandy) took kitty out for a free super deluxe 2.5 hour long haircut/massage.
I agree with kate that she looks super cute!
Our friends also brought us to an awesome restraunt, which despite some of its dishes, was actually the best food we had to date! They had this amazing desert of bananas covered in boiling hot sugar, that you would dip in water to freeze and then eat! Totally awesome!

My googlin master dad got the last Andy challenge. Here is the next: Who is the dude's head to the right of einstien? The building next door had DaVinci and Edison, so who is this guy? All of our guesses were Oppenheimer for some reason. (Worth 2 andy points).

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