Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More from that previous hike in Lou Hu

Someone left out a fancy shoe!

One of the coolest things in china is that you can get huge meals for 8 kuai from these fun 24 hour muslim restraunts all over the place run by these guys called Uigurs. so a huge dinner for 4 can cost about 4 bucks.

This was taken right before they place the small dog into the chair next to her to test the mind-switch experiment.

This is the bastard at the grocery store who decided that the best place to wildly chop things was in the middle of the aisle. So naturally, poor andy walking by became the next packet of fruit for him to cut. So my hand is out dripping blood, and the guy just gives me some sass, and laughs and says bukuqi. He is a jerk. If anyone sees this guy, beat him up.

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