Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Itchy Anus

Dear family and friends,
I hope that you all have a terrific thanksgiving this year and I am sad that I will be missing out. This of course means more food for you and all of america, so maybe my absence will aid everyone through these hard, economic times. Remember to be thankful that during this day of gratitude you did not have to teach 100 chinese kids about "Vomiting," "Diarrhoea" (yeah i have to teach british diarrhea), and the most important lesson of all, "Itchy Anus."
Since they of course did not know what any of these words meant, i had to start at the basics...the very basics.

Actually it was one of the most fun lessons ever. I had one of my assistant teachers falling over and laughing. We managed to get together with some awesome friends who made and incredible meal (even included real pumpkin pie!). Kitty also got to eat some turkey (or as they call it here "fire-chicken!") last weekend in preparation for the holiday! Happy thanksgiving everyone!
PS. Check out these awesome stickers kitty's mom sent us! So weird!

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